How do I Recycle My Old Computer is a website that provides information on the best ways to sell, donate or recycle computers and other electronics. You just need to provide the make, model and condition, and choose buyers that you would like to communicate with. Then just send your electronics by shipping free. They will even pay you if the computer or electronic equipment has any value.


Earth911 specializes in providing customers recycling information across the U.S.A. It is a platform that provides environmental information through their directory, editorials and resources constantly. They also have provided information to over 1 million queries on ways to recycle computers and other electronics.


TechSoup is also a web site that  encourages people to recycle and re-use electronics especially computers. However, they have taken down some of their features. Regardless,  this web site has a lot of information to recycle computers and other electronics.

SHIFT Recycling

If you live in Toronto or the GTA, your best solution is to visit Toronto-based recycling company, SHIFT Recycling. They offer the most convenient methods to recycle computers and other electronics in Toronto and throughout the GTA. Just visit their web site and fill out a small contact form and they will contact you and facilitate the recycling process.

Retailers or Manufacturers that Recycle Old Computers or Electronics

Best Buy

Best Buy is a well-known home electronics retailer with locations all over the world, especially in North America. They accept almost all electronics for to recycling in the U.S.A. locations. You can drop small items such as cell phones, batteries and ink-jet cartridges for free. There is also a system called Best Buy Trade-In, which seems to be an interesting deal. You can actually get a Best Buy gift card when you recycle computers or other electronics.

Dell Reconnect

Dell has a comprehensive partnership organization with Goodwill Industries called Dell Reconnect that accepts computers or any other electronics of any brand in any condition. Check out how it works. Their way to recycle computers and other electronics looks fairly simple and easy.


Intel has an interesting program called Students Recycling Used Technology (StRUT) that provides technology-based education. There is the one in Silicon Valley that accepts almost all technology equipment, office equipment, test equipment and manufacturing equipment.

SHIFT Recycling

Once again, if you are in Toronto or the GTA the simplest and most practical system in order to recycle computers or old electronics is to contact  SHIFT Recycling. Depending on the volume of computers or electronics Shift Recycling will either pick up the items from your home or business or allow you to drop off at their convenient locations. Depending on the quantity and item they may even pay for the computers or electronics.