Click2Recycle offers business a simple, green solution

Shift Recycling has launched Click2Recycle – the easiest way for businesses to recycle electronics in Ontario. End-of-life electronics contain hazardous materials such as mercury, lead and ethylene glycol that can cause environmental harm if not recycled properly. To make recycling electronics easy Shift has introduced Click2Recycle, a simple and easy process to request pick-ups, where a Shift team member will come to your office to collect any electronic devices for recycling. Thanks to stewardship programs in Ontario in many cases Shift can recycle electronics for no charge.

Electronic devices collected by Shift are sent to their state-of-the-art recycling plant in Brampton Ontario. At this 50,000 square foot facility electronics are broken down to safely extract hazardous materials, metals and plastics. Recovered commodities are sent to approved downstream facilities where they are manufactured into new products. With every pick up Shift provides a Certificate of Recycling verifying the weight of material your organisation diverted from landfill.

Do you have electronics for recycling in your office – try Click2Recycle to schedule a pick up today.

Shift Recycling provides convenient, secure E-Recycling solutions:

For businesses – E-Recycling pick ups directly from your office or warehouse.
For individuals – A network of depots across Ontario for free drop offs of home electronics.
For non-profit organisations – E-Recycling fundraising opportunities.

To learn more about Shift Recycling please contact:

Mark Kostiw
Shift Recycling Inc.
2 Paget Road, Brampton ON L6T 5E4

Why Recycle Electronics?

Electronics and computer equipment contain hazardous materials such as mercury, lead and cadmium which can enter our drinking water, destroy our environment and cause serious health issues if not recycled responsibly. At Shift we make it easy for businesses to recycle their end-of-life electronics. Have us send our team into your place of business to collect loose electronic items or we can pick up already skidded material from your loading dock. Electronic items picked up by Shift are recycled in our state-of-the-art processing facility in Brampton Ontario ensuring that all hazardous materials are handled in a manner safe for both our employees and the environment.

Are you looking to dispose of end-of-life electronic equipment? Contact Shift today 1-855-66-SHIFT to schedule a convenient pick up for your electronics.

Mark Kostiw
Shift Recycling

E-Recycling Drop Off – 243 Coxwell – October 2013

Shift Recycling has partnered with the Royal Canadian Legion – Baron Byng Beaches Branch 1/42 – to provide a convenient e-recycling drop off location in Toronto. Simply bring your obsolete computers, electronics and batteries to 243 Coxwell Avenue, Toronto for

environmentally responsible and free recycling. A full list of items that can be recycled can be found here. Proceeds from the materials recycled will support the Royal Canadian Legion.

For more information please contact:
Mark Kostiw

How SHIFT Recycles Your Electronics!

Each day SHIFT sends out it’s fleet of trucks to businesses across southern Ontario. Our friendly employees pick up end-of-life electronics from your office or skidded material waiting on docks. Most of our customers witness this part of the process, then ask

 “What do you do with my electronics after they are picked up?”

At the end of the day our trucks return to SHIFT’s facility. Each company’s electronics are independently weighed allowing us to provide a Certificate of Recycling tracking the weight diverted from landfill.

Electronics are then manually sorted into multiple grades some of which are mechanically shredded and some that are manually dismantled. SHIFT is an OES primary processor meaning that our recycling facility is fully compliant to all environmental laws. All hazardous materials such as leaded glass are handled in a manner safe for the environment and our employees.

Plastics and metals recovered from electronics are sent to audited downstream recyclers that manufacture them into new products such as metal re-bar and outdoor furniture. Even a few computer companies such as Lenovo are using recycled plastic for new equipment.

Next time you have electronics call SHIFT Recycling 416-995-4202 for a convenient office pick up. Everything collected will be recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.

Hey You… Recycle Your Electronics!

Earth Day is right around the corner, it’s time to do your part and recycle your end-of-life electronics.

Electronics contain hazardous metals such as mercury and lead that should not be disposed of in the regular waste stream. SHIFT wants to help you divert your electronics for environmentally and socially responsible recycling. If you have 25 or more items SHIFT will come to you and pick up your electronics for no charge! Consolidate 100 or more items and we will pay you to recycle your electronics. Best of all, every item picked up by SHIFT will be recycled in a manner safe for the environment at our secure facility in Brampton Ontario.

Contact us today to schedule a pick up:

Mark Kostiw
416.995.4202 x202

Secure Hard Drive Destruction

When booking your pick up with SHIFT be sure to ask about our onsite data destruction service. Your drives contain sensitive data that SHIFT can destroy at your facility eliminating any chain of custody concerns. SHIFT will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction tracking the drives serial numbers for your records. All drive fragments are then melted down and recycled into new products

Contact us today for an onsite data destruction quote:

Mark Kostiw
416.995.4202 x202

Onsite Mobile Data Destruction

Your company’s data devices contain confidential and proprietary information, SHIFT understands the importance of protecting this information. We are now offering onsite physical destruction of hard drives to permanently destroy your data before it leaves your building.

Watch a video of a hard drive being physically destroyed below:

Interested in finding out more about our secure onsite hard drive destruction? Contact a SHIFT representative today by calling 416-995-4202

Mark Kostiw
SHIFT Recycling

Scouts Group Raises over $1,700 for E-waste collection Event


On February 9th the 1st Port Nelson’s Scouts Group along with Shift Recycling hosted an electronic waste collection event open to the City of Burlington.  Over 15,000 lbs of electronics such as desktop computers, monitors, televisions, laptops, cell phones and printers were collected and diverted from landfill.
As an OES Primary Processor Shift Recycling was able to provide over $1,700 in rebates for the material collected.  These funds will go to help send kids to the Canadian National Jamboree in Alberta this summer.
Shift Recycling is an electronic recycling processor and offers secure, convenient pickups for your end of life electronics in Ontario for businesses and individuals.  At your request we will also offer onsite/offsite data destruction services.
Contact a Shift Representative for more info: 416-995-4202 or

The Dam Raises over $1,200 for E-Waste Collection Event

On January 12th ‘The Dam‘ – a non-profit organization that gives hope and help to youth and young moms – partnered with Shift Recycling to host an E-waste Collection Event open to the city of Mississauga.

Through their efforts over 11,000 lbs of electronic waste was collected and diverted from landfill.  As an OES Primary Processor Shift Recycling was able to provide over $1,200 in rebates for the material collected.

Shift Recycling is an electronic recycling processor and offers secure, convenient electronic waste pickups in the GTA for businesses and individuals.  At your request we will also offer onsite/offsite data destruction services.

Contact a Shift Representative for more info: 416-995-4202

Volunteers helping unload vehicles full of electronic waste




Hey Shift – It’s Time To Recycle Your Electronics!

Over the past year Shift has experienced rapid expansion including growing out of a small office space to three locations across the greater Toronto area. During that time there was some shuffling of office furniture and IT equipment. Recently we were going through a storage closet at the Toronto office and found some old computers, printers, monitors, telephones and miscellaneous electronics left over from a previous move.

At Shift we provide customers with the most convenient solution for recycling old electronics and computer gear, including a full service option where we send our professional staff with moving equipment into your office. Our Toronto location is connected to a 10,000 square foot electronic recycling depot, yet we still managed to clutter our storage room with outdated computers, printers, telephones and monitors.

After realizing the irony of unnecessarily storing our old electronics we made a quick decision to send the material into the depot for recycling. As with every pick up the material was sorted, weighed and tracked before being added to the inventory. We managed to recycle 346 pounds of obsolete electronics that were collecting dust and taking up storage space. Should you have outdated obsolete electronics taking up space in your office call 1-855-66-SHIFT to book a pick up.