Click2Recycle offers business a simple, green solution

Shift Recycling has launched Click2Recycle – the easiest way for businesses to recycle electronics in Ontario. End-of-life electronics contain hazardous materials such as mercury, lead and ethylene glycol that can cause environmental harm if not recycled properly. To make recycling electronics easy Shift has introduced Click2Recycle, a simple and easy process to request pick-ups, where a Shift team member will come to your office to collect any electronic devices for recycling. Thanks to stewardship programs in Ontario in many cases Shift can recycle electronics for no charge.

Electronic devices collected by Shift are sent to their state-of-the-art recycling plant in Brampton Ontario. At this 50,000 square foot facility electronics are broken down to safely extract hazardous materials, metals and plastics. Recovered commodities are sent to approved downstream facilities where they are manufactured into new products. With every pick up Shift provides a Certificate of Recycling verifying the weight of material your organisation diverted from landfill.

Do you have electronics for recycling in your office – try Click2Recycle to schedule a pick up today.

Shift Recycling provides convenient, secure E-Recycling solutions:

For businesses – E-Recycling pick ups directly from your office or warehouse.
For individuals – A network of depots across Ontario for free drop offs of home electronics.
For non-profit organisations – E-Recycling fundraising opportunities.

To learn more about Shift Recycling please contact:

Mark Kostiw
Shift Recycling Inc.
2 Paget Road, Brampton ON L6T 5E4

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