What Is An E-Recycling Fundraiser?

Shift Recycling provides the opportunity for groups and teams to host their own E-Recycling Fundraisers. Typically run as an event on a Saturday from 10am to 2pm, your organization collects unwanted -broken or obsolete - electronics for recycling. At Shift we will support you through the entire process from promoting your event to providing containers for collecting electronics. In large quantities electronics have a financial value allowing us to return fundraising dollars to your organization.

No Selling Or Asking For Monetary Donations

E-Recycling fundraisers do not require selling or cash handling. Simply you are asking your friends, family, coworkers and neighbors for electronics that they no longer want. Most residents in Ontario have at least one old electronic item in their home that is ready to be recycled. Rather than going door-to-door selling unnecessary products you are simply asking for electronic devices that are unwanted. In many cases your organization will be thanked for accepting unwanted electronics free of charge.

Click here for a list of electronics you can collect.

How Do We Fundraise?

Your group will need to think big and collect a minimum of 5,000 lbs of electronics for the event to be eligible for any fundraising.

Once you have exceeded the 5,000lbs minimum quantity, a rebate of $0.10 per pound (for fundraisers in the GTA) will be provided on the overall weight of electronics collected. Shift’s partnership is free of charge and we will even cover the costs of printing flyers and providing collection bins. We do ask that your organization commits to promoting the event to ensure it is successful.

To reach the minimum quantities you should target 100 drop offs.

The bins we provide you with are 20ft long and 8ft wide. Filled to the top which is 8ft high this will be approximately 7,500 lbs of electronics equivalent to $750 in fundraising. Once this bin fills up during the fundraiser we are happy to bring additional bins as required. There is no limit to the amount of electronics you can collect or the amount you can fundraise with Shift

How Much Can We Collect?

To provide a better understanding of the quantity of electronics required here is a sample breakdown of 5,500lbs of household electronic items:

- 30 old tube televisions @ 125 lbs each = 3,750 lbs
- 50 vcrs, dvd players or stereos @ 10 lbs each = 500 lbs
- 25 desktop computers @ 20 lbs each = 500 lbs
- 20 old printers @ 20 lbs each = 400 lbs
- 10 boxes of miscellaneous telephones, keyboards, mice, wires and batteries @ 35 lbs each = 350 lbs

Who Can Run An E-Recycling Fundraiser?

E-Recycling fundraisers are ideal for any group with ten or more members that are prepared to promote and help out during the event.

Some groups that we have worked with in the past include:

- Cadets
- Churches
- Schools
- Scouts
- Sports teams

Promote Your E-Recycling Event

The key to a successful E-Recycling fundraiser is promoting the event. Shift wants to ensure you succeed and we are prepared to support you the entire way.

Flyer Campaign

Shift will provide you with 5,000 flyers that are custom designed for your event. These will need to be distributed door-to-door by your volunteers approximately one week before the event. Also consider dropping off a few flyers at your favorite coffee shop, community centre and workplace to get the word out.

Ask Your Friends For Unwanted Electronics

Your own network of friends, family, neighbors and coworkers is a great source of unwanted electronics. Call or email them letting them know about the upcoming fundraiser and how providing unwanted electronic items will help support your group. Offer to pre-collect their items at your home the week before the event to make it easy.

Choose A Great Location

Secure a well know location highly visible location for your event to make it easy for residents in the community to find your event and drop off items. A great location will also attract drive by traffic the day of the event. Most shopping centres are happy to provide you with the use of their parking lot for a Saturday as they are supporting a local group in the community and an environmentally responsible initiative.

Helping The Environment

Electronics contain harmful materials such as lead, cadmium and mercury that can cause harm when placed into the landfill. By collecting electronics at your E-Recycling fundraiser they are diverted from the landfill and sent to Shift's state of the art processing facility where they are demanufactured in a safe manner. Not only is an E-Recycling fundraiser a great way to raise money it is also a hands on lesson in recycling.

Learn more about how SHIFT recycles electronics.

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