Data Destruction

Secure Destruction

Your electronics may contain sensitive and proprietary information. To ensure this data is securely destroyed Shift can facilitate an onsite destruction service. Drives and other media are physically crushed in your office while you watch. These destroyed devices are then transported back to Shift's facility to be further shredded and melted down for recycling.

Items That Should Be Destroyed

Any device that has had proprietary information saved on it should be physically destroyed. Here is a short list of some items that should be destroyed.

- Hard Drives
- Back Up Tapes
- CDs And DVDs
- USB Flash Drives
- Mobile Phones And Tablets
- Videotapes

Certificate Of Destruction

Our trained technicians will catalogue the unique serial numbers on your devices prior to destruction. These are used to generate a Certificate of Destruction which is included with our destruction service. Below is a sample Certificate of Destruction Shift issues.

Retail Product Destruction and Recycling

For retail products Shift can provide a physical destruction service to ensure your product does not end up in secondary markets. The shredded products are then fully recycled diverting your materials from landfill. Speak to a Shift representative to custom design a program.

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