Items We Recycle

Computers And Network Equipment

- Desktop Computers
- Laptops
- All In One Computers
- Monitors
- Servers, Routers, Switches And Modems
- Typewriters
- All Computer Peripherals Keyboards, Mice, Wires etc.


- All Printers Laser Or Inkjet
- Fax Machines
- Scanners
- Photocopiers Any Size
- Plotters
- Toner Cartridges

Telephones And Cell Phones

- Landline And Office Telephones
- Cell Phones And Blackberries
- Office Telephone Systems
- Answering Machines

Audio And Video Equipment

- Stereos, Radios, Amplifiers And Speakers
- Car Audio Equipment
- Cameras And Camcorders
- DVD Players, VHS Players And Satellite Receivers


- All Televisions (CRT, Tube, Rear Projection, LCD, LED)
- All monitors (CRT, Tube, LCD, LED)


- All Batteries
- Alkaline (AA, AAA, C, D)
- UPS Batteries and UPS units
- Car Batteries (Lead Acid)
- Laptop Batteries

Wires And Cables

- All Wires And Cables
- Keyboards And Mice
- Adaptors

Please ask if you have any items that are not listed.