SHIFT Recycling improved our internal recycling process by allowing quicker recycling pickups. Also, our internal inventory requirement was virtually eliminated since this is accomplished at the SHIFT Recycling office. Starting from our first pickup, we had extensive savings of anywhere from $100-$200 per pickup.

All of the SHIFT Recycling drivers were patient and courteous, and also helpful in regards to organizing the pickup of the equipment, whether it was in organized boxes at our office, or if it manually had to be picked up from a dolly, or from the ground. Also, we have diverted upwards of 1000 lbs from the landfill thanks to SHIFT Recycling since November 2011. SHIFT Recycling would e-mail us a PDF certificate, shortly after pickup. This truly helped us increase our green initiative at Tribute, and we strongly recommend SHIFT Recycling.

- Teo/Darren from Tribute Communities

As an Environmental Consultant, I have been using SHIFT Recycling regularly over the course of the last year. I highly recommend their expertise to my customers on consistent basis. Their personalized service, attention to detail and material knowledge is what makes SHIFT Recycling a perfect fit for my business model. Jordan (VP Business Development) has been a great asset in assisting me with satisfying the most demanding of customers and I have always felt 100% confident in our dealings. I am positive that I will be a loyal customer for many years to come! Thank you SHIFT for always coming through on my behalf.

Best regards,

- Mark Verschoote